Saturday, July 29, 2006

And an amusing news article...

Just surfed upon this one: Jada Pinkett Smith is the second "famous" person to have seen Suri Cruise and she has decided to tell us all about it. Thanks Jada! I am so glad to know Suri is not a phantom baby.

I am back

I am sitting here bored to my eyeballs doing my passport application. I spent an hour counting up all the days when.... the computer crashes and I lost the document!

I am listening to subferior version of one of my alltime favourite songs, Tina Arena's Heaven Help My Heart. This one is by Wynonna Judd and she is not as good. But I wanted to hear it and all itunes had was this one. Come on Apple, get with the program! I am now listening to Cruel Summer by Bananarama - quite a jolly song, really, considering the lyrics :-)

In that random way that happens, I have also downloaded some Billy Joel and John Denver!! Both make me nostalic, John Denver especially; his songs remind me of Mulgrave and dancing around the living room at Withers Avenue.

I am in train of moving to Amsterdam - I think?! Off to New York on Friday night, the Madonna concert with A&O is on Tuesday and I am at a 3 day course in Reigate Wed, Thurs and Friday. Busy week ahead - when am I going to pack? And go for a run?

Speaking of health kicks - I am deep in Gillian McKeith. I ate my first recipe, a raw salad of carrot, celery, cabbage and red peppers. It was surprisingly good. I need to lose some weight and detox a little. I think she might do the trick!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Oh yes... I am addicted to Wikipedia and adding useless information to stub articles. Why??? I am such a nerd sometimes!!

Christmas is Over...

I have not written in this blog for a while... I have been really busy with work, sickness, family and social events!

Christmas was OK. It was good to see Mum and Dad, we had lunch at the in-laws which was not nearly as bad as I thought it might be. I am feeling a little sad/stressed tonight. I have to renew my parking permit in the morning which never engenders love toward my fellow man. I have to try and track down a council tax bill to prove I live in my house. If I was organised, it would be easy, but I'm not... bastards, bastards.

I should be thrilled, I leave for Egypt in 4 days time. I can't quite believe I am going. Then 10 days in America. T has not answered my email, another bastard. I am not going to see him unless he has a bloody good excuse. As for S, he did not write to me for nearly 2.5 weeks. Another bastard!! He finally answered all my emails today, I miss you, bullshit, bla. I don't want to lose him forever but I want him to wake up a bit. So I don't think I am going to answer his email. This will mean my not writing to him until 18 January. But what have I got to lose? Nothing. I hope my resolve holds. I made him some CDs... maybe I will send them to him, maybe not. I have to play it cool for a while. He thinks he has me.

Friday, November 25, 2005



according to one Woody Allen. This is a great quote!

Other great philosophical musings from Woody I discovered on this blog.

I am working at home today, the car is currently being MOTed at vast expense at a somewhat dodgy looking garage in Stockwell. I should be working but I am cruising the net. I will focus straight after this.

Out to Shoreditch last night for E's drinks. It was fun. S, K and I went back to J's bachelor flat and he regaled us with his nerdy tales of enticing young women back to his bed. I am not sure if those stories are true or not... when he dresses up he looks so handsome but he was in nerd phase last night. I don't know... I might be tempted. Never had a real toy boy before. Nah, it won't happen!

R is sick so we may not go to the Peaks tonight. It is freezing cold, it might be better to go up in the morning.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


A hilarious article, under the title "Dumbass", found on Fark about a guy, described as a "happy drunk with a ponytail flopping in the breeze" who tried to escape prison riding on a lawnmower. I love Fark!

Abu Simpel - If life were only simple!

In between waiting for drafts, I have been swapping emails with F & A about the trip to Egypt. The plan is to get to Aswan on the night of the 8th, then maybe go to Abu Simpel for a day trip on the 9th, arriving in Cairo on the night of the 9th. Leaving me time to fly back to London and on to NY on the 10th. An aggressive timetable but--- I may never get the chance to go back there.

I have to get a visa for Egypt as well - that is tiresome.

The docs are not too bad - we have a call to discuss them in 5 minutes with the lawyers.

Random blogs I have been perusing while I wait include A Yobbo's Life, a nice Australian ramble I found courtesy of Chase Me Ladies.