Saturday, October 29, 2005

First Day, First Entry!

First day, first journal entry. I woke this morning having spent an unexpectedly heavy night on the razz with the Marquesa. We had had a tough day at work, sorting out our issues with Queen Bee. It's difficult, I admire QB a lot but she does not trust us. I can understand why... but we never had an agenda with her, I hope we can move on. I'm a little pessimistic, the Marquesa feels more positive.

I did my usual Saturday morning thing... went to the Patisserie, bought a copy of The Times and wolfed down scrambled eggs, bacon and toast! I felt much better after that. I saw this hilarious photo in the picture caption competition, I had to keep it for posterity. I've spent a large chunk of this morning trying to recreate it!

I don't know why I decided to try doing a blog again. For some reason I feel the need to record my opinions, my thoughts. I am still going through great changes, I think. Maybe it is being 35? Thanks to my ipod, I am listening to so many great radio shows. I am an intelligentsia! My favourite shows at the moment are Late Night Live (with Philip Adams), KCRW's Left, Right & Center and To the Point, the Leonard Lopate Show and In our Time by the BBC. This all co-incides with me buying The Guardian every day... such a wonderful newspaper, I have learned so much from it.

An article from today's Times caught my eye. It was about the Russian oligarch, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who has been sent to a Siberian gulag for 6 years for upsetting Putin. Life in a Siberian prison is not pleasant. Life is fragile - one second you can have everything, another day it is all gone. Still, I suppose his wife has their billions saved in a safe Swiss bank account. Maybe they will not suffer too much.

So? Weird surf find of the day: this article on Jaffa Cakes . Podcast of the day? Sen. Trent Lott talking about his autobiography on The Bookcast.


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