Sunday, October 30, 2005

Is Tony Blair my mum?

So, it appears I really do live in the
nanny state. Blair is going to ban drinking on public transport to clampen down on antisocial behaviour.

So, the vast majority of us who do not misbehave are going to have our right to be treated like grown-ups taken away. I don't drink on a train but HOW DARE HE tell me that I can't? If someone is drinking on a train, and I don't like it, I move. But they have a right to do that if they want to. STOP BEING MY MOTHER TONY!!

Ugh! It is so annoying, I could really smack him.

The other theme of the press this week has been about
single people living alone. Apparently the world is about to end because some of us choose not to get married or flat share. Society makes a big play about female liberation but deep down, there is something deeply disquieting about women who choose to live on their own without men. People are threatened by it. But instead of coming out and saying so, their fear is disguised as concern that single dwellers will "turn in on themselves", will have no friends and die lonely and decripit. In fact, very few of my friends who live alone hate it. Yes, we might wish for company, sometimes you do want sex in the middle of the night or someone to sit next to on the sofa, but I don't hate being alone so much that I would settle for anything. Life is full of so much. The people who criticise are invariably the ones who have never tried it. They are too scared to see if they could survive on their own. I am the stronger one :-)