Friday, November 25, 2005



according to one Woody Allen. This is a great quote!

Other great philosophical musings from Woody I discovered on this blog.

I am working at home today, the car is currently being MOTed at vast expense at a somewhat dodgy looking garage in Stockwell. I should be working but I am cruising the net. I will focus straight after this.

Out to Shoreditch last night for E's drinks. It was fun. S, K and I went back to J's bachelor flat and he regaled us with his nerdy tales of enticing young women back to his bed. I am not sure if those stories are true or not... when he dresses up he looks so handsome but he was in nerd phase last night. I don't know... I might be tempted. Never had a real toy boy before. Nah, it won't happen!

R is sick so we may not go to the Peaks tonight. It is freezing cold, it might be better to go up in the morning.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


A hilarious article, under the title "Dumbass", found on Fark about a guy, described as a "happy drunk with a ponytail flopping in the breeze" who tried to escape prison riding on a lawnmower. I love Fark!

Abu Simpel - If life were only simple!

In between waiting for drafts, I have been swapping emails with F & A about the trip to Egypt. The plan is to get to Aswan on the night of the 8th, then maybe go to Abu Simpel for a day trip on the 9th, arriving in Cairo on the night of the 9th. Leaving me time to fly back to London and on to NY on the 10th. An aggressive timetable but--- I may never get the chance to go back there.

I have to get a visa for Egypt as well - that is tiresome.

The docs are not too bad - we have a call to discuss them in 5 minutes with the lawyers.

Random blogs I have been perusing while I wait include A Yobbo's Life, a nice Australian ramble I found courtesy of Chase Me Ladies.

the docs are here!!

they will take a zillion years to download, no doubt.

Ocado came!!!

i have cracked open one of my bottles of wine in celebration.

but still no sign of the docs...

It's going to be a long night---

I have managed to come home in time for my first Ocado delivery! However, I have a long night ahead of me; we have to turn some documents on a deal that will not happen for us. It is going to be expensive. So I wait for the lawyers to do their work; in the meantime I sit here. Lost starts in an hour, maybe I will watch a little I'm a Celebrity...? Nah, I'm not that desperate.

Looks like T and I are on for Jan 16th. What to do?! Exciting, I guess.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Excited Small People

Today was Miss C's first birthday. She looked very trendy and rather cute. Her mother looked fabulous as always, her dad glowing in fatherly pride.
Both of their families were both there and it was nice to see them all again even if L's sisters are a bit of a shock. His mother started telling me after two minutes about how one of his sisters was planning to get pregnant from a sperm bank having been divorced twice! A little too much information...
All of the NW lot were there, they have been very lucky where they moved to. The food was great, the pink champagne went down a treat and the little girls in their fairy outfits looked fabulous.
The morning began OK... I managed to find a hotel in Buxton. R came around and help jump start the car. I think she may pull out on me next weekend... we'll see, if she cannot make it, I will go on my own.
I must go to the gym this week - all my hard earned weight loss of this year will start to disappear if I do not get some exercise soon!!!

Random Blog of the Day? DiMattia Films, a young guy sharing his view on the arts. It was interesting. This blog is so boring in comparison.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Jumping on the Blogwagon

I admit I am on the blogwagon. I don't think my writings are especially brilliant or insightful, I am just using this blog as a way to record things that have struck me, to remember emotions I have felt and pictures or scenes that have made me laugh.

This morning's Times had an article about the rise of blogging in Britain; the Guardian had a similar article earlier this week. Is this phenomenon here to stay? I don't read blogs for news at all. If anything, I would dip in and out to see how other people think, their perspectives... humans are fascinating. Someone wrote to the Guardian saying that blogs are over-rated; the best have about 15,000 readers a day versus 400,000 readers for the Guardian and over 3 million for The Sun. This is an undeniable fact - but I think blogs will catch on once more people have woken up to their possibilities.

Anyway, what follows is a few things that caught my eye in the paper this morning or while browsing the internet waiting for Joan Didion to download (40 by U2 is now playing on itunes):-

- the increased risk of political murder in The Netherlands thanks to Islamic extremeism. The Somali MP, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is under 24 hour armed guard; her latest project is a film looking at Islamic attitudes to homosexuality. Ali was a close friend of Theo van Gogh who was murdered two years ago thanks to his film with Ali about domestic violence in Islamic families. When he was murdered, a knife was plunged into his chest declaring holy war on The Netherlands and threatening death to many other public figures deemed "enemies of Islam".

- Tim Worstall has written a book about the best of British blogging. His nominations, and my thoughts on them are:-

  • Chase Me Ladies, I'm in the Cavalry. Surreal humour, Mr Worstall calls it. Off-beat it is for sure, I admire this guy's way with a funny line. Politically correct it ain't.
  • Pootergeek "Fine satires and parodies". Maybe... this one kind of passed me by.
  • The Daily Ablution. "Scott Burgess drives journalists crazy by fact-checking their assertions". Now this, this is what blogs should all be about. Pure genius IMHO. If only I had the time to write stuff like this. The Daily Ablution has made it to my links section.
  • On an Overgrown Path. "High Culture News and Reviews". I couldn't make out exactly what this blog was about. It seems to be about ideas - so lofty that they cannot be written in plain English - and classical music. This site, however, appeals to my intellectual pretensions so I will give it 5 stars. Even if I don't understand it, it gives me faith that there are people out there who do.
  • Natalie Solent. "Libertarianism and sewing". What is libertariansim? Have I spelled this word correctly?!?!??! Another site whose contents I could not follow but I love that she is an intelligent woman not afraid to show her smarts and that she is creative at the same time. Another 5 stars.

  • So in short, not bad Tim. I have learned more about the blogosphere thanks to you!

    And my random blog of the day? It was this one, People covered in Fish. I am not entirely sure what it is about. It's author says; "I'm a naval officer, husband, father and libertarian (note the small "L"). I dabbled enough in journalism to see its dark side. I drink too much coffee and have plastic dinosaurs sitting on top of my computer screen." Armstrong seems to say that withdrawal from Iraq would send the wrong signal. He's probably correct - leaving Iraq now is not an option. What a mess.


    I read a very funny quote in The Times about the explosion in ipod porn now that ipods can show movies. The picture about is Playboy's take on the whole scene (their pictures are called ibods!). Anyway, the quote in The Times was of Mike Morford of who

    was adamant that the ipod's tiny 2.5 inch screen would not prove an
    impediment. "Men can get aroused looking at a nipple shaped amoeba through
    a microscope. Hell, we get turned on by cool hubcaps... after all, it's
    not size, it's how you use it. Right? Right?"

    Sunshine Saturday

    I slept in this morning--glorious! Woke up, showered and no, I think it is my time of the month... this will screw things up with T in January. Have to decide what I am going to do. It is a sign from above that I should let him go.
    The patisserie was full to the brim this morning. I sat at 2 different tables until I found the spot I liked. Had a raisin croissant and a large cappuccino and read The Times. Nice and lazy :-)
    I am heading out to Sloane Square shortly once itunes has downloaded A Conversation with Joan Didion from Her memoir has just won the National Book Award. It has also received a lot of press so I am interested to hear what she says. I can't wait to get broadband, this telephone dial-up is a pain in the arse.
    itunes is playing American Pie by Don McLean as I write... such a great song.

    Friday, November 18, 2005


    Now from one Madame to another... Heidi Fleiss has decided to open a brothel for women in the Nevada desert.

    She is on to something for sure! I am not sure that I would knowingly pay for sex but, you know, if it was on hand, in a nice hygenic setting and there was no health risk... I just might. My only problem is that I don't find Chippendale types attractive... but Heidi, you are a genius!! Madame Counsellor salutes you!

    Sighing somewhere hence...

    It's been a long week. It began Sunday night when I met N for the first time. It began promisingly - he came with me to the Rubens exhibition at the National Gallery. We then went for a drink, got quite drunk. He was the best of the DDM lot so far - the most normal.

    He invited me to see Richard II Monday night. And I blew it. I felt rough, tired and I hate going out Mondays. So I cancelled on him. And he has never called me back. A missed opportunity perhaps.

    I might give him a call in a month's time and see if he would like to go out as friends. I liked him as a person - it would be a shame to lose him as a friend.

    The rest of the week was long and busy. Wednesday night had a wine tasting which was great fun. My team won! Queen Bee was on great form. Thursday I had lunch with KD Lang. He talked a lot of BS as usual. He has me in mind for a "special projects" role. It could be BS or I could be shipped out to Hong Kong - wait and see.

    Tomorrow night I am going to A's house for dinner, just watch the X Factor and veg. Sunday is Miss CC's first birthday party, more on that later :-)

    Saturday, November 12, 2005

    Two weeks on - what is going on in my life?

    It has been a while but I am back. The last 2 weeks have been a roller-coaster ride:
    • I think things are better between Queen Bee and the Marquesa and me. The Rear Admiral came over from the US. We had a staff meeting, it was OK but re-inforced for all of us how disempowered we are as a team. How to deal? The Rear Admiral was OK in my one-on-one but I don't feel we discussed anything too meaningful. It's frustrating. I need to find my niche and find it quick.
    • I had my call with S. It was awful. The atmosphere was weird. We talked for less than 10 minutes, he did not try to initiate much conversation, it was as if he was waiting for me to do the talking. Which is fair since it was me who initiated the bloody call in the first place! Then, in less than 10 minutes, he rang off because someone needed to talk to him. Hello??!!! I was so upset. I was turmoiled, as blown away as I was back in February when he told me he was married. So I sent him an email, saying that the call felt weird, and were we OK? He sent an email back basically saying he thought I was the one who was nervous and yes, all was OK. !!!!! I went out for dinner with Aussie D to a restaurant in Borough called Roast which was expensive but not impressive. I couldn't eat or concentrate - I am sure I was not good company. When I got home around 10.15 I called S back. The conversation was better than earlier and I was glad I did it.
    • Weirdly, S has sent me quite a few photos since of him and his kid. The little boy is very cute. Since then I have decided to retrench from him. I can't go through that agony again, I just can't. I felt terrible and I hated myself for letting him get to me, again. And guess what? I have gone off him a little. I don't know why - maybe it is like the veil has lifted from my eyes. Having been through the ringer, and having seen these photos, it has made me realise that what he and I have is very superficial. He is one notch up from southern white trash. He gives me nothing. He does not give me what I need, he can't even give me conversation. His words are just that, words. It is bullshit. He is not holding up his end of the bargain with me. So, if he wants me, he has to do the running. I am through with trying to get him to engage with me. It is nice to read his lovely words but I know that it is just crap. He is just not that into me!! However, if the opportunity to sleep with him again came along, I will do it. But I am not going to go out of my way any more.
    • So in that vein, out of the blue this week, Mr T emailed me out of the blue. Why?? The last time I spoke to him, I shouted at him for being a shit. I stood up to myself and felt great for it (though also a little depressed but not as depressed as I would have been had I not tracked him down). Perhaps that is why he comes back for more - I am not a walkover, maybe that is the attraction? He writes succinctly. I never contact him, he has always been the first to instigate it, we swap some emails, then he vanishes. I thought I had heard the last of him and then whammo! There he is in my email. T wants to meet up with me when I am in the US in January. I wonder why - clearly it will just be for sex. And why the hell not? I guess what puzzles me is why he would make the effort when he would have endless women to hand if he wanted them. He has a great body - better than S - which is one reason why I would be stupid to pass up the chance to be with him again. What did behaving like the Catholic schoolgirl I was ever get me? Not much - I am never going to look better than I do now - what the hell, I am going to go for it. But like S, T has to fit around my plans. If he can't sort his timetable to be with me, then tough.
    • And I have a first date with N on Sunday night. He sounded nice on the phone, he made me laugh. Could be promising although so far, most of the guys have been losers.
    • I've lost my car keys - and, I fear, the spares!
    • Finally, I am focusing on the office politics. I need to be more savvy to get ahead. I need to make more time for me and my career development during the day. That is the big push for the time being.

    And that is the story of Madame Counsellor's life over the past 2 weeks. My mood today is upbeat. I am singing Hung Up by Madonna. I have a free DVD of Rebecca with Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine to watch. Great stuff.