Sunday, November 20, 2005

Excited Small People

Today was Miss C's first birthday. She looked very trendy and rather cute. Her mother looked fabulous as always, her dad glowing in fatherly pride.
Both of their families were both there and it was nice to see them all again even if L's sisters are a bit of a shock. His mother started telling me after two minutes about how one of his sisters was planning to get pregnant from a sperm bank having been divorced twice! A little too much information...
All of the NW lot were there, they have been very lucky where they moved to. The food was great, the pink champagne went down a treat and the little girls in their fairy outfits looked fabulous.
The morning began OK... I managed to find a hotel in Buxton. R came around and help jump start the car. I think she may pull out on me next weekend... we'll see, if she cannot make it, I will go on my own.
I must go to the gym this week - all my hard earned weight loss of this year will start to disappear if I do not get some exercise soon!!!

Random Blog of the Day? DiMattia Films, a young guy sharing his view on the arts. It was interesting. This blog is so boring in comparison.


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