Saturday, November 19, 2005

Jumping on the Blogwagon

I admit I am on the blogwagon. I don't think my writings are especially brilliant or insightful, I am just using this blog as a way to record things that have struck me, to remember emotions I have felt and pictures or scenes that have made me laugh.

This morning's Times had an article about the rise of blogging in Britain; the Guardian had a similar article earlier this week. Is this phenomenon here to stay? I don't read blogs for news at all. If anything, I would dip in and out to see how other people think, their perspectives... humans are fascinating. Someone wrote to the Guardian saying that blogs are over-rated; the best have about 15,000 readers a day versus 400,000 readers for the Guardian and over 3 million for The Sun. This is an undeniable fact - but I think blogs will catch on once more people have woken up to their possibilities.

Anyway, what follows is a few things that caught my eye in the paper this morning or while browsing the internet waiting for Joan Didion to download (40 by U2 is now playing on itunes):-

- the increased risk of political murder in The Netherlands thanks to Islamic extremeism. The Somali MP, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is under 24 hour armed guard; her latest project is a film looking at Islamic attitudes to homosexuality. Ali was a close friend of Theo van Gogh who was murdered two years ago thanks to his film with Ali about domestic violence in Islamic families. When he was murdered, a knife was plunged into his chest declaring holy war on The Netherlands and threatening death to many other public figures deemed "enemies of Islam".

- Tim Worstall has written a book about the best of British blogging. His nominations, and my thoughts on them are:-

  • Chase Me Ladies, I'm in the Cavalry. Surreal humour, Mr Worstall calls it. Off-beat it is for sure, I admire this guy's way with a funny line. Politically correct it ain't.
  • Pootergeek "Fine satires and parodies". Maybe... this one kind of passed me by.
  • The Daily Ablution. "Scott Burgess drives journalists crazy by fact-checking their assertions". Now this, this is what blogs should all be about. Pure genius IMHO. If only I had the time to write stuff like this. The Daily Ablution has made it to my links section.
  • On an Overgrown Path. "High Culture News and Reviews". I couldn't make out exactly what this blog was about. It seems to be about ideas - so lofty that they cannot be written in plain English - and classical music. This site, however, appeals to my intellectual pretensions so I will give it 5 stars. Even if I don't understand it, it gives me faith that there are people out there who do.
  • Natalie Solent. "Libertarianism and sewing". What is libertariansim? Have I spelled this word correctly?!?!??! Another site whose contents I could not follow but I love that she is an intelligent woman not afraid to show her smarts and that she is creative at the same time. Another 5 stars.

  • So in short, not bad Tim. I have learned more about the blogosphere thanks to you!

    And my random blog of the day? It was this one, People covered in Fish. I am not entirely sure what it is about. It's author says; "I'm a naval officer, husband, father and libertarian (note the small "L"). I dabbled enough in journalism to see its dark side. I drink too much coffee and have plastic dinosaurs sitting on top of my computer screen." Armstrong seems to say that withdrawal from Iraq would send the wrong signal. He's probably correct - leaving Iraq now is not an option. What a mess.


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    Blogger Robosquirrel said...

    Looks like you need to turn on the word verification for comments... unless you really want to know how to repair a road bicycle...

    Thanks for stopping by, I have to go see Harry Potter, but I'll take a closer read later!

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    Blogger Tim Worstall said...

    The book has many more suggestions!

    (Sorry, sorry, shameless plug I know).

    There’s about 100 blogs in it.

    4:35 PM  
    Blogger Robosquirrel said...

    And did I say thanks for the mention? Probably not, I keep forgetting to say things that go without saying. My blog is mainly political, but I'll probably cross over into the personal before long. Mainly its been for collecting my thoughts on certain subjects and searching for a little intelligent discussion.

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    Thanks for the word verification hint robosquirrel! I really appreciate it. No more hints as to how to fix bikes! :-)

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