Friday, November 18, 2005

Sighing somewhere hence...

It's been a long week. It began Sunday night when I met N for the first time. It began promisingly - he came with me to the Rubens exhibition at the National Gallery. We then went for a drink, got quite drunk. He was the best of the DDM lot so far - the most normal.

He invited me to see Richard II Monday night. And I blew it. I felt rough, tired and I hate going out Mondays. So I cancelled on him. And he has never called me back. A missed opportunity perhaps.

I might give him a call in a month's time and see if he would like to go out as friends. I liked him as a person - it would be a shame to lose him as a friend.

The rest of the week was long and busy. Wednesday night had a wine tasting which was great fun. My team won! Queen Bee was on great form. Thursday I had lunch with KD Lang. He talked a lot of BS as usual. He has me in mind for a "special projects" role. It could be BS or I could be shipped out to Hong Kong - wait and see.

Tomorrow night I am going to A's house for dinner, just watch the X Factor and veg. Sunday is Miss CC's first birthday party, more on that later :-)


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