Saturday, July 29, 2006

I am back

I am sitting here bored to my eyeballs doing my passport application. I spent an hour counting up all the days when.... the computer crashes and I lost the document!

I am listening to subferior version of one of my alltime favourite songs, Tina Arena's Heaven Help My Heart. This one is by Wynonna Judd and she is not as good. But I wanted to hear it and all itunes had was this one. Come on Apple, get with the program! I am now listening to Cruel Summer by Bananarama - quite a jolly song, really, considering the lyrics :-)

In that random way that happens, I have also downloaded some Billy Joel and John Denver!! Both make me nostalic, John Denver especially; his songs remind me of Mulgrave and dancing around the living room at Withers Avenue.

I am in train of moving to Amsterdam - I think?! Off to New York on Friday night, the Madonna concert with A&O is on Tuesday and I am at a 3 day course in Reigate Wed, Thurs and Friday. Busy week ahead - when am I going to pack? And go for a run?

Speaking of health kicks - I am deep in Gillian McKeith. I ate my first recipe, a raw salad of carrot, celery, cabbage and red peppers. It was surprisingly good. I need to lose some weight and detox a little. I think she might do the trick!


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